Audrius Kriauciunas
1986 born in Kaunas, Lithuania
based in The Hague, The Netherlands

In my quest for the rational I see the designed space as a mirror of human life, full of meaning, but not always meaningful. This designed space, no matter private or public, is crowded with artefacts that offer an insight into the culture of its creator and users. Photo camera serves me to record cultural artefacts that have slipped unnoticed into category of normal, but actually are peculiar enough to be brought up into the daylight for a closer look. Merely by photographing them I give significance and thus invite to reflect upon them.

2013 - 2017 - Royal Academy of Art, The Hague, The Netherlands. Bachelor in Arts. Major in Photography.
2016 March - June internship with Jan Dirk van der Burg
2005 - 2009 - Vytautas Magnus University, Lithuania. Bachelor in Business Administration.

2017 October - Schiedam Photo Festival "Blueprint“. With the project “Houses of Freedom”
2017 July - Graduation show "The Ink, Milk, Blood". With the project "Houses of Freedom"
2017 March - Exhibition at "Tot Zover", Funeral Museum in Amsterdam. With the project "Visiting Hours"
2016 August - Kaunas Photo Festival "Flâneur". With the project "PalmBoom".
2016 January - "Paradise". Part of group exhibition with project "PalmBoom".
2015 May - Belfast Photo Festival. Part of group projection with project "cul-de-sac"